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Friday 07 September 2012

7:49 上午

Venue: Club Pudong,2/F,8 Wo On Lane,LKF,Central
Qualifications Round

Date:Monday 03 September 2012

HKGC Qualifying Freerolls (Top 40 HKGC point leaders qualifies for the Final Tournament)
Venue: Club Pudong, 2/F, 8 Wo On Lane, LKF, Central (www.clubpudong.com)
Date: Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday until Final Tournament on 31st October 2012.
Tournament Time: 8:00pm to ~12:00am
Buy-in: Free, No Rebuy, No Add-on (The club requires all members to order a minimum of 2 drink or food items before leaving the club.)
30 Players Max, Top 40 point leaders qualifies for the Final Tournament.

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Maximum number of players attending: 30

Player Photo Nickname Points
1 wangman28 21
2 bezwada 5
3 Ray41 4
4 DomL87 3
5 David 2
6 paddy1986 1
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